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Learn from Larry Gamboa and his Think Rich Pinoy Team who have been buying and selling foreclosed real estate for years now in the Philippines! Yes it can be done. You don't need to wait for a "recession" to buy property.
Get into passive income now!

Facilitated by Larry Gamboa, PhD.
Author, Think Rich Pinoy!

Do you want to earn passive income from a real estate business?

Do you want to buy and sell homes, or build and sell homes, or earn through rental property, or earn through dorms, or sell commercial property?

The choices are dizzying.

But if you do it right, you’ll earn a fortune.

Hi, I'm Larry Gamboa, author of Think Rich, Pinoy! And I teach ordinary people, employees, executives, and entrepreneurs, how to earn passive income. I also teach people how to make a difference in people's lives as authors, seminar leaders, speakers, information marketers and real estate investors.

Once upon a time, I was a teacher. And believe me, my journey from teaching to real estate was not an easy one. Just like any other journey, it was paved with many detours and valleys.

Very deep valleys.

One day, I felt lost not knowing my purpose and direction in life. So when faced with uncertainty, I worked on what I knew best—teaching. I taught in seminars and learned all about the Training industry. Thus, I earned doing my passion.

In the midst of martial law (yes that long ago), I set up my own Training company by joint venturing with Washington Sycip of SGV and Bill Byham of DDI to capture the Asean market. After 10 profitable years, I sold off my shares; (I didn’t quite know the difference between cash and cash flow; My grade in financial literacy was ZERO.)

Did I make a mistake?

Perhaps I did, but through that "mistake" I stumbled into the simple, lucrative, and challenging field of real estate and information marketing. I bought foreclosed properties and turned them into rental income. I also got into many other real estate models—models that I now teach to others.

After learning the ropes of the real estate business for more than 10 years, I’m been blessed to connect with other mentors who taught me about their business.

Today, I have so much fun teaching others how to succeed in real estate. I made it my mission to raise up 1000 Pinoy Millionaire Entrepreneurs by 2020. I believe that if the Philippines will become a First World country, the only way for that to happen is to raise up more entrepreneurs.

What You’ll Get From My
Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar

I want to teach Employees or Executive how to earn passive income working a minimum of 2 hours per day.

Soon, I’m giving the Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar. In this whole-day enriching and exciting event, here are SOME of the things you’ll be experiencing and learning…

  1. You'll meet Investors who have made it in real estate by strengthening mindset and marketing skills.
  2. You'll learn from Bo Sanchez about the Theology of Money (Mindset).
  3. I will teach you the Technology of money (Best Practices).
  4. You'll learn how to be a Real Estate Investor working with Real Estate top Brokers.
  5. You'll learn how to recruit and train Property Managers to maximize results from your properties.
  6. You'll come face to face with Case Studies showing real estate investments that yield a return on investment of infinity with minimal risk.
  7. You're shown Step by Step Methods & Frameworks on how to do Real Estate Investment Deals
  8. You’ll be challenged to find out your BIG WHY.
  9. You’ll be challenged to move from your comfort zone to your challenge zone as you grow in financial literacy and character with each deal you close.
  10. You’ll be challenged to maximize your return on investment with each deal.
  11. You’ll be challenged to make money in real estate in 30-60-90 days (with no money, no credit, no prior knowledge).
  12. You’ll be challenged to build a qualified Buyer's list.
  13. You’ll be challenged to position yourself to employ three (3) specific strategies to make money in real estate - buy and hold, rent to own, and wholesaling.

Who Should Attend?

I’m inviting anyone who wants to learn and create passive income through real estate. I also invite anyone who wants to investigate various real estate models, so they can choose the best one for them. Finally, I invite those who are interested in using both real estate and the information business together.

Here are the others that should be there…

The Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar learning investment is P7,000 ONLY—a small token compared to what you’ll be unleashing in your life after the seminar. The information I’ll be sharing with you in the seminar changed my life. I know it can change yours as well.

NOTE: We only have 50 seats available. So hurry before we close the doors.

100% “Over-deliver Feeling” Guarantee
Or Your Money Back

I will take all the risk. If you feel that I didn’t over-deliver in this seminar, please request for refund, and NO QUESTIONS ASKED, I’ll send back your seminar fee.

Subject to the following conditions.

  1. For Live Seminar Attendees:
    • If you advise before 12 nn on the seminar day that you wish not to continue attending the rest of the day. You can get 100% refund.
    • If you advise after 12 nn of the seminar day, please request refund within 30 days. I will send back the payment less Admin Fee (Venue and Lunch) of 2000 pesos.
  2. For Online Recorded Seminars:
    • Please request for refund within 7 days after your first day of access, you can get 100% refund. Otherwise, your access is good for one-year.

Why? Because I want to over-deliver. I want to give you more than what you expected to get from the seminar.

Yes, I Want to Join the
Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Seminar

MANILA - SAT April 18, 2020

Can't attend any of these Live Seminars, you can still learn by accessing ANYTIME at your convenience our Seminar Online (SOLA), pre-recorded from past seminars.


Join Now And Get Exposed To A New Way Of Earning And Creating Passive Income

I want to see you at the Think Rich Pinoy Abundance Pre-Recorded Seminar. (Complete details will be sent to you once you register.)

To join, please email us at or call Jordan at 0917 702 6207

See you at the seminar!

Larry Gamboa, PhD.
Author, Think Rich, Pinoy!
Founder of

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